Youth Group & Confirmation

Tania Vidal 
Cell: (619) 905-6158
Office: (619) 262-2435 ext. 202

The Youth Group is led by its own alumni, who believe in Jesus message and strive to promote and share it. Their main goal is to provide quality Religious Instruction to the High School students of the parish and facilitate their developing a personal relationship and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ and His Catholic Church.

To prepare them for the sacrament of Confirmation and to guide the formation of a community of faith among the High School students of the Parish.

Youth Group is held on Sunday evenings from 6:30pm-8:30pm. Each session will begin with an opening prayer followed by a presentation of that evening’s topic, usually involving some small group discussion. Immediately following the group is led into a social time, guided or open. Nearing the end of the session the group is gathered together for the closing prayer.