Vietnamese Religious Education

Tuong Nguyen

Dear Parents and Families,

Welcome to the Vietnamese Faith Formation program at Holy Spirit Parish. We are here to assist you in the faith formation process for your child or children. ,

Parents are the first teachers for children, and we are here to assist you in developing their faith life. To ensure consistent progress and development, we use the spiral curriculum of the Christ Our Life program, originally introduced by Loyola Press in 1973. The program for each level builds upon previous ones, following a pattern of continuous growth in depth and scope. ,

At the heart of the program is a harmonious integration of Scripture and Tradition. In the spiral curriculum, SCRIPTURE is at the center between the four fundamental themes of the Catechism of the Catholic Church: Creed, Sacraments, Morality, and Prayer. ,

We cover the followings in each level from level 1 to 10: ,

  1. Trinity, Baptism, SALVATION, Love, Basic Prayers.
  2. Church and Mary, Preparation for Reconciliation & Eucharist, CHRISTIAN LIFE, Laws of Love & Ten Commandments, Mass. .
  3. Sacraments of First Holy Communion and Reconciliation. .
  4. Catholic Faith and Apostolic Creed, Sacraments of Vocation & Healing, BIBLE STORIES, Response to God, Devotions.
  5. Life Everlasting & Communion of Saints, Sacrament of Reconciliation, PARTS OF THE BIBLE, Commandments and Beatitudes, Kinds of Prayers.
  6. Paschal Mystery, Sacraments of Initiation, WORSHIP, Relations with Others, Liturgy.
  7. God the Father, Roots and Symbols of Sacraments, OLD TESTAMENT, the Sacred, Psalms.
  8. Jesus, 7 Sacraments, NEW TESTAMENT, Respect for Justice, Journaling as Prayers.
  9. Holy Spirit and Catholic Church, History of Church, ACTS OF APOSTLES, Respect for Life, Liturgy of the Hours and Centering Prayer.
  10. Nicene Creed, Sacrament of Confirmation, SCRIPTURE, Life of Service as Witnesses for Christ, Prayers.

We are here to help you to encourage your children in prayers, to develop and grow their faiths, to deepen their personal relationship with God, and live out their faith in their daily lives in communion with the Catholic Church. We strive to help your children to know God, love God, and serve God in their lives!

Our Sunday program begins at 10:30am (after the Vietnamese Mass) at the Holy Spirit Church with the Vietnamese language class and then continues with the Faith Formation program until 12:45pm. Please contact Mr. Tuong Nguyen at (619) 303-2515 for more details.